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On the way home yesterday, I heard an NPR story about how a computer program at MIT has apparently learned how to “help” an MIT media lab student “compose” a sonnet using a database of Shakespeare’s works.

Including only words used by Shakespeare, the program suggests words that The Bard might have used in “that situation,” or, when writing a sonnet.

The transcript clarifies: “It was [Mathias’] sonnet confined to authentic Shakespearean language. It’s the same predictive software we see when our devices try to finish our sentences and suggest the next word.” Great, so a new application of technology.

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The Single Most Annoying Trick People use To Get Your Attention

Just Alyssa

woman-butt-fit What’s the single most annoying trick that people do to get your attention? Headlines like this one. Especially if they’re coupled with photos like this one, which, by the way, has nothing whatsoever to do with what I intend to write about. It’s just a woman’s butt, which is the most surefire way to get people to click on a link. Especially connected with declarations and promises.

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I Used To Worry About The Future

A Post-Academic in NYC

I got a part-time non-academic job. Again. Readers of this blog will know that I have made several attempts to escape the adjunct grind. For a while, I temped for a Fancy Wall Street firm where I accidentally ate someone else’s salad.

Once, I worked at a non-profit foundation for a few days. I was doing the job that a trained monkey could do. (At least they had one of those fancy European espresso machines!) Aside from being dead bored all day, I had to endure the fact that my boss was about twelve years old. If you want to feel ancient, try doing the bidding of children. It’s quite illuminating.

A couple of summers ago, I spent a few weeks on the top floor of a Manhattan high rise working for a hedge fund. I joined an army of women answering the phones and making copies for…

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when saying no is saying yes


After 75 minutes of delicious, sweaty hot yoga, our instructor cued us to bring our hands to third-eye center and bow forward. This is the way class is usually closed. However today, this instructor took it to another level:

This is the greatest act of submission–the head bowing to the heart, saying you are greater than me.

Well that’ll get ya thinking. And it did. And those thoughts came full circle to a blog a childhood friend’s husband posted this last week on prioritizing student needs.

I fully support the conviction and paradigm of student-centered teaching. My relationships with my students give me both the perspective and the motivation to be their advocates, to stand up for them, to put them first. Putting them first gives me a much-needed compass in a whirlwind of destructive politics and overwhelming educalculation. I have lived by this motto since I began teaching.

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Augmented Reality, “Her”, and the Story of You

AR Stories

tumblr_my58njS7rs1seyhpmo1_1280Her pixel art by QuickHoney

Her is a story about people-centric technology. Spike Jonze shows us a near future where it’s all about you. This is our new Augmented Reality (AR), and it’s not science fiction.

I’ve been working with AR as a PhD researcher and designer for the past decade. The second wave of AR will surpass the current gimmickry and extend our human capacities to better understand, engage with, and experience our world in new ways. It will be human-centered and help to make our lives better. Driven by the one thing that is central and unique to AR – context – our devices will be highly cognizant of our constantly changing environments continually deciphering, translating, analyzing, and navigating to anticipate our specific needs, predicting and delivering personalized solutions with highly relevant content and experiences. Our smart devices will act on our behalf. This next wave of AR…

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A tutorial on a weekend classic: French toast
By Dana Velden | TheKitchn.com | TheKitchn.com – Mon Feb 3 23:30:00 UTC 2014
Ah, French toast! That iconic, special occasion, breakfast-in-bed treat that so many people long for…

A tutorial on a weekend classic: French toast – Bing Food & Drink

A tutorial on a weekend c…


I’m now 100% sure we can’t just be friends now. This morning I woke up crying wishing you didn’t have to go. I had a dream that I was finally falling for some body else and then that person just left out of the blue. I then woke up crying. I wish you didn’t have to go. Why’d you do this to me? Why did you lead me on?  😥 you knew I liked you. I’m also pretty sure you’re not very healthy for me. Although you make me really happy I become so obsessed. And once you’re gone I cry. I become so sad and for the next couple of weeks I try so hard not to talk to you. That’s the hardest part. I want to tell you everything. But I know I shouldn’t talk to you. You’re the only person who seems to care about anything I have to say. I try to go out with friends just so I wouldn’t think of you but something always reminds me of you. I’ve thought of saying I love you thinking somehow you would end up staying. But I don’t know anything. I love to think about the movie “Eternal sunshine for the spotless mind” and some of the lines. My favorite is “we meet at the wrong time. That’s what I keep telling myself anyway.maybe one day years from now, we’ll meet in a coffee shop in a far away city somewhere and we could give it another shot.” The problem is I don’t drink coffee. I’m going to miss you sooo much.