Night prior to thanksgiving I realized how Kimberly I am. I don’t really have a friend. I have a lot of people I know. There isn’t anyone I can count on. I can’t talk to anyone. Idon’t have anyone to talk to. I am going to spend thanksgiving alone while many other people are spending it with their families. I am so disconnected from my family. We never talk about anything. We don’t have much in common. I am especially disconnected from my dad.I rarely see him and we have nothing to talk about. I just need a friend I can talk to and hangout with and do stuff with. I romanticize the relationships I’m in.  I believe everyone is the one and that a certain friendship will last forever or a long while. But look at me now I have no true friend. I will be spending thanksgiving with dog and I feel so lonely. Looking back into relationships I feel so stupid. How do I let myself to get so obsessed. I let people walk all over me I need to take control at least once in a while. It was right under my nose and I jUst let it happen I met the guy and I was okay with it.  What is wrong with me. I feel so stupid. I am also self deluded. I’m a great guy.I think I make people laugh so why can’t I make a friend.


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